Turkish Ingot Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish ingot, Turkey ingot manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality ingot from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ATM ATILIM TEKNIK MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s recycling systems, recycling machines, recycling equipments, jet pulse filter, scrap battery recovery plant, accumulator recovery plant, battery recovery plant, hydraulic briquette systems, briquette making machines, briquette making equipments, briquette making press, hydraulic press for making briquette, hydraulic press for briquette, hydraulic shredder, hydraulic shredder for scraps, hydraulic scrap shredder, scrap baling press, scrap press, scrap baling equipments, scissor lift, rotary, rotary furnace, ingot, pyramid, ingot casting, ingot casting machine, casting machine, holding furnace, reverberatory furnace, chip, granule casting, pellet, melting furnace, billet, billet castin, billet systems, billet casting system, homogenisation, homogenization system, homogenization, deox, deoxidant, de-ox, scrap battery, scrap battery recycling, battery recycling, foundry, foundry plant, sand mixer, continue sand, continue sand mixer, resin sand, sand preperation, greensand, moulding, moulding system, loop line, moulding line, casting line, moulding press, moulding machine, sand recycling, sand reclamation, casting sand recycling, polygon screen, casting ladle, ladle, pot, cating pote, centrifuge, foundry equipments, foundry machines, foundry machinery, casting equipments, scrap press, molding machines, billet casting, casting pots, homogenization plant, scrap baling machines, molding equipments, casting systems, foundry casting systems, granule casting machine, foundry sand recycling, casting ladles, shakeout, homogenisation plant
MEGA ISTANBUL YAPI A.S.        Türkiye         
s steel, steels, flat steel, flat steels, acidified flat steel, picked flat steel, painted flat steel, painted flat steels, galvanized flat steel, galvanized flat steels, rolled flat steel, rolled flat steels, hot rolled steel, hot rolled steels, cold rolled steel, cold rolled steels, acidified flat steels, picked flat steels, rectengular profile, square profile, c profile, l profile, u profile, v profile, z profile, custom made profile, rectengular section, square section, c section, l section, u section, v section, z section, rectengular hollow section, c open section, l open section, u open section, v open section, z open section, custom made section, npu profile, npi profile, hbe profile, hba profile, ipe profile, upe profile, upn profile, hd profile, he profile, hl profile, hp profile, i beam, u beam, h beam, t profile, l angle, steel bar, deformed bar, deformed steel bar, rebar, steel rebar, round bar, round steel bar, square, square rod, square sq, round rod, round r, hectagon rod, flat rod, wire rod, flat fl, flat strip, strip coil, steel strip coil, water pipe, gas pipe, industrial pipe, galvanized pipe, spirally welded pipe, longitudinally welded pipe, cold rolled sheet pile, cold rolled steel sheet pile, u sheet pile, z sheet pile, steel u sheet pile, steel z sheet pile, cold rolled z sheet pile, cold rolled u sheet pile, cold rolled steel z sheet pile, cold rolled steel u sheet pile, hot rolled steel coil, hot rolled coil, cold rolled steel coil, cold rolled coil, galvanized coils, galvalume coils, painted coils, painted galvanized coils, pickled hot rolled steel, pickled hot rolled steel hrc po, tinplate, tin plate, hot rolled steel coil hrc, hot rolled coil hrc, cold rolled steel coil ccr, cold rolled coil ccr, galvanized coil gi, galvalume coil gl, painted coil ppgi, painted galvanized coil ppgi, hot rolled steel plate, hot rolled plate, hot rolled steel sheet, hot rolled sheet, cold rolled steel plate, cold rolled plate, cold rolled steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, galvanized plates, galvanized sheet, trapeze sheet, sliced sheet, grooved sheet, embossed sheet, hrc, hrc-po, ccr, cr, hr, gi, gl, ppgi, hot rolled steel strip, cold rolled steel strip, galvanized steel strip, cast iron, forged iron, ingot, iron ingot, steel ingot, billet, steel billet, slab, steel slab, pig iron, hms1, hms2, shredded, used rail, profile, section, open section, hollow section, beam, angle, bar, rod, flat, strip, pipe, sheet pile, scrap
NAKHUDA INTERNATIONAL        Türkiye         
s ingot, ingots, sow, sows, remelted lead ingots, remelted lead sows, ingot
CB METAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s aluminium, aluminum, ingots, aluminium ingots, aluminum ingots, extrusion billets, billets, aluminium extrusion billets, aluminum extrusion billets, ingot, aluminium ingot, aluminum ingot, extrusion billet, billet, aluminium extrusion billet, aluminum extrusion billet, ingot
BAYRAM METAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s aluminum alloy, aluminum casting, aluminum ingot, aluminum ingots, ingot, ingot
KORTSA GROUP        Türkiye         
s lead, raw lead, ingot, lead shots, lead weights, lead rope, lead keel, lead billets, lead bars, plates, lead, plates, lead bars
FUTONG INTEL BUSINESS        Türkiye         
s copper, aluminium, lead, metal, ingot
SURER METAL SAN.        Türkiye         
s aluminum plate, disk, tape, platina, ingot, raw materials, utensils, aluminum plate, ingot
taureau limited        Türkiye         
s steel, iron, metal, ingot, billet, iron, steel, billet, metal
SAHINLER METAL SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s metal, recycling scrap, ingot, granule, moulding, underground cables, power cables, ingot
s log, burgeon, roundwood, round timber, ingot, sack, holdall, weave, weaving, ingot
INOVAL METAL YAPI SISTEMLERI A.S.        Türkiye         
s biyet, bullion, ingot, aluminum facade systems, aluminum raw material, ingot
SEFKAT METAL GERI DONUSUM A.S.        Türkiye         
s aluminum, aluminium, ingots, aluminum ingots, aluminium ingots, billets, aluminium billets, aluminum billets, deoxidants, sludges, aluminium sludges, aluminum sludges, alloy ingots, deoxidant ingots, deoxidant granules, deoxidant pyramids, t-bars, aluminum t-bars, aluminium t-bars, ingot, aluminum ingot, aluminium ingot, billet, aluminium billet, aluminum billet, deoxidant, sludge, aluminium sludge, aluminum sludge, alloy ingot, deoxidant ingot, deoxidant granule, deoxidant pyramid, t-b, metals, recycling, metal, aluminium recycling, metal recycling, metal recycle, recycle, ingot, aluminum t-bar, t-bar, aluminium t-bar, aluminium recycle
YILDIZ METAL A.S.        Türkiye         
s ingot, billets, free cutting rods, hot forging rods, casting, ingot